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Mr. William Streppone is a Fantastic attorney. Our family had a very complex case involving every family member.
We were worried we would never be able to gain legal status in the United States. We spoke to a number of other attorneys that told us our case was very difficult. Mr. Streppone showed a genuine concern for our cases and took the time to counsel us. I am so happy to say that because of his hard work, all in my family are now legal residence of the United States and some are now citizens.
We are so happy. We feel we are so lucky to find Mr. Streppone. He never gave up on our cases. He continued to work until we were successful. I strongly recommend Mr. William Streppone. Eric Erkin

Mr. William A. Streppone represented me in asylum court . I watched his videos at YouTube and want to talk to him. Before I talk to him I talk to 5 different attorney on same very issue; the asylum and he is the one and had all the answer very clear to my each and every question, there is no better lawyer for immigration Laws better than Mr. William A. Streppone. He is very kind and helpful to me always. He did hold me in USA from deportation. I got my green card. Looking forward to getting US Citizenship. I strongly recommended Mr. William A. Streppone as a life time attorney. Definitely he will be mine. May God Bless Mr. Streppone. Megan Magnolia

After trying a couple different lawyers (who did not care about anything except getting as much money from you as they could), and, thanks to them, having my case denied, I finally met a wonderful attorney William Streppone. I honestly from the bottom of my heart can say that William Streppone is the best attorney and most decent person you can meet He actually sincerely CARES about an outcome of your case. Our case had many complications created by other lawyers resulting in denial. William Streppone not only fixed their mistakes, he actually resubmitted our case with much of additional explanations. His attentive approach and attention to our case resulted in a positive outcome. Only thanks to attorney William Streppone my daughter and I finally received our green cards. Attorney William Streppone is very attentive to details, he makes sure that every word and every statement will be supported in your case. Unlike most of other attorneys, William Streppone actually will keep you posted on your updates. He is always available for you, which what other attorney is? You will be surprised how much effort William Streppone puts in your case and what a great job he does. We are applying for our citizenship now and we are definitely are using William’s services again. He is very trustworthy. What can be better than when you can trust your attorney and know that he looks after your best interest? I highly recommend using William’s services to everyone who wants to see a good result and deal with a professional and decent attorney. Deniz Gok

My family was looking for an immigration attorney to help my in-law with a complex citizenship situation. We interviewed a number of lawyers and, at the end, retained Mr. Streppone. While William was not the least expensive choice (his fees were in the middle of the range), we made our decision because were impressed with his intelligence, professionalism and no-nonsense approach. William was a right choice, HE WON OUR CASE! We would strongly recommend him to anybody looking for a competent attorney capable of solving complicated immigration cases. – John Guner
Excellent Lawyer. William Streppone took the time to personally give us a free consultation. He spoke to my husband and me about all aspects of our case so we could understand what he would do. What we really liked is he gave us a flat fee, which was very reasonable, and finished the job as he promised. Our status was corrected and we now have our green cards. He has completed our cases for the entire family. Thank you Mr. Streppone. I highly recommend this attorney. – Nur Guner
William A Streppone is the best counselor at law in New York . His professional expertise has allowed me to navigate the intricate legal steps in the immigration processes. I arrived in the U.S. back in 1998 with a Tourist Visa and today after 14 years, I am a proud American Citizen and I have to say that I would have not gotten there without Him. I recommend William A Streppone for any Immigration matter 100% guaranteed success. Thanks William. Filiz Gozet

This is a great Law Firm. I live in Florida and Mr. Streppone was recommended by a friend of who lives in New York. Mr. Streppone was able to handle my case from New York! He gave me a free meeting on Skype. It was fantastic. His firm kept in touch with us on a regular basis until my case was successfully completed.

Natalia Selzler

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Medical Product Defects
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If you have been hurt in an accident or by a product, you may be entitled to a cash reward. It is important to have an attorney who understands your legal status in the United States guide you through these types of cases while protecting your rights so you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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