Student Visas

Students come from all over the world to study in the United States and are welcome in many of our institutions. The intellectual, cultural and economical exchange offers mutual benefits for everyone involved. To encourage student exchange, visas are flexible and easy to obtain and three types of student visas are available.

F1 Student Visa for Academic Studies

An F1 student visa enables individuals to enter the United States as full-time students. However, certain requirements exist for obtaining the visa:

  • The institution the student attends must be an accredited college, university, seminary, conservatory, academic high school or elementary school, language training program or other academic institution
  • The institution must have U.S. government authorization to accept foreign students
  • Completion of the student’s course of study must result in a degree, certificate or diploma

J1 Student Visa for Exchange Visitors

J1 visas promote the international sharing of knowledge and skills in education, arts and sciences. The J-1 visa is available for approved visitor exchange programs that have educational or cultural purposes such as teaching, instruction, study, observation, research, consulting, demonstration of special skills or receiving graduate medical education or training. Consequently, the types of visitors allowed to participate in J1 exchange programs are often students, professors, scholars, trainees, researchers, camp counselors, specialists or nannies.

M1 Student Visa for Nonacademic or Vocational Studies

The M1 visa provides opportunities for foreign students to develop and strengthen their technical and nonacademic skills in the U.S. M1 visas are offered to students wishing to pursue full-time study at a USCIS-approved vocational or nonacademic school here. However, language students are not eligible for M1 visas.

To be eligible for an F1 or M1 visa, you must have advanced English skills or be attending classes to acquire advanced English skills. You also must have adequate funds to sustain you throughout your study and maintain a residence abroad that you intend to keep.

Immigration Services and Immigrants Injured

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If you have been hurt in an accident or by a product, you may be entitled to a cash reward. It is important to have an attorney who understands your legal status in the United States guide you through these types of cases while protecting your rights so you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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Procedures for obtaining visas to study in the United States are complicated. Each student visa type has its own rules about working in the U.S. and different eligibility requirements. An experienced, caring attorney can explain the details of what is required and help you deal with the complexities.

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