I Was an Illegal Immigrant in the Kingdom Of God

I was an illegal immigrant in the Kingdom of God.

I broke his laws.
I snuck under the pearly gates.
I was a trespasser.
The angels were looking for me.
Michael, the Archangel, personally delivered the deportation notice.
I was afraid.
To be forever banned from the Kingdom of God was unimaginable.
I tried to show the Angel false ID.
“I’m NOT Bill Streppone,” I screamed.
“Don’t lie to me”, the Angel said. “You’re covered in sin. You’ve broken all the rules.”
I pleaded with the Angel. I told him I would do anything. “Please don’t deport me. Satan is waiting for me on the other side.”
“That’s what happens to people who don’t obey the rule of law – especially God’s Laws,” explained the Angel.
I begged him, “Please No. I’m willing to work in the Kingdom of God for below wages if you don’t cast me out.”
The Angel chuckled, “So you want to work illegally in the Kingdom of God? Not a good argument”.
“Ok, that’s enough, you’re coming with me.”
“No, No, Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And with everything in me I screamed,“God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

There was complete silence.
I looked up.
I saw the face of Jesus.

In the next instance he was standing right beside me.
All the angels were standing at attention.
Jesus asked, “Do you believe in me?”
I said, “Yes Lord.”
He then handed me a Pure White Card (the permanent resident card is white in heaven).
“This is your permanent resident card to the Kingdom of God”, He explained.
“But I don’t deserve this. “Michael said I was covered in sin.”
Michael the Archangel turned to me, “What sin? I don’t see any sin in you. You’ve been clothed in a beautiful White Robe – as pure as pure can be.”
Then Jesus said to me, “You have been shown Grace; you have been shown Mercy; you have been shown Forgiveness. Do the same unto your fellowman.”
Then he said to me, “I know you have helped many people get their green cards. But most importantly, don’t forget to tell the people how to get the White Card.”
Hence, that is the main reason for this post…; but also to show a reason why we should give Grace to the immigrants…
For scriptures says in Mark 11:26, “But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses”.
Because of His great Love shown toward me, when people ask me, “What is your name?”

I proudly say,
Bill Streppone.

William (Bill) A. Streppone.
Immigration Attorney
[email protected]